PVC fascia board Roof-line

PVC fascia board Roof-line

PVC fascia board Roof-line is profile that is mounted at the bottom of the roof, under the roof tiles (bitumen, ceramic or concrete). PVC fascia board Roof-line is fastened to the end of the load-bearing roof trusses. It also serves to fasten the drainage system on the roof (gutters and their connecting parts). The eaves lining is also fixed to the PVC fascia board Roof-line.

The PVC fascia board Roof-line is made of two different types of PVC. All external parts are made of PVC-U and ASA, and the inner part is from PVC-UE.

PVC-U means that this type of polymer is stronger and is not as plastic as most PVC products, such as toys and other. The added acrylic ASA to the PVC-U helps the PVC fascia board Roof-line to withstand in various meteorological conditions, such as high UV resistance when exposed to sunlight and preserving strength at high temperature amplitudes from -45 ° C to +75 ° C air temperature.

PVC - UE is the designation of foamed PVC, which is a thick layer that contributes to achieving elasticity and resistance to twisting or loading of the water drainage system for the roof.

  • Highly resistant to aging and operation over 50 years
  • It is not affected by moisture, mold and other atmospheric conditions
  • No need for painting, processing or other maintenance
  • Fast and easy installation without special tools}
  • It does not allow the penetration of different insects and pests
  • It does not change its integrity over time
  • Good aesthetic appearance
  • Much lighter material than standard wooden boards

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