Roofing membrane - Roof-Foil 140

Roof-Foil 140

Пародифузните мембани се полагат, на модулни покриви. Използват се за допълнителен защитен слой срещу влага (проникване на вода, навят сняг, дъжд) и вятър в наклонени покривни конструкции. Система Roof-Foil 140 се полага директно върху термоизолацията, успоредно на стрехите с минимум 15 см препокриване, като щампованата(надписите) страна е към покривното покритие под керемидите (битумни, керамични или от бетон). Подложният слой се закрепва по дължина на покривните ребра - дървена скара (минимум 50/50mm). Тези дървени скари повдигат рейките на керемидите над подложния слой и улесняват оттичането към стрехите.

Dimensions / package: 1,5m*50m-75m2/roll

Length EN 1848 - 2 50m (-)0%
Width EN 1848 - 2 150cm (-)0,5% / (+)1,5%
Deviation from a straight line EN 1848 - 2 150cm (-)0,5% / (+)1,5%
Weight per unit area EN 1849 - 2 < 30 mm/10m
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 140g/m2 (±5%)
Resistance to water penetration EN 1928 W1
Water vapor transmission (Sd) EN ISO 12572 0.04m; (±)0.015m
Tensile strength (MD/XD) EN 12311-1 260N/5cm (±20%) / 180N/5cm (±20%)
Elongation after applying the maximum tensile strength (MD/XD) EN 12311-1 ~60% / ~60%
Tear resistance (MD/XD) EN 12310-1 >110N / >110N
Stability of the dimensions (MD/XD) EN 1107 <3% / <3%
Preserving the flexibility at low temperatures EN 1109 (-)24°C
Changing of characteristics after artificial aging
Resistance to water penetration EN 1928 W1
Tensile strength (MD/XD) EN 12311-1 max. 30% / max. 30%
Elongation coefficient (MD/XD) EN 12311-1 max. 25% / max. 25%
Additional specifications
Thermal stability (+)70°C
Resistance to ultraviolet radiation max 3 months

Vapor permeable and waterproof functional membrane with polypropylene protective layer on both sides

In dry conditions, with protection against weathering, especially direct exposure to sunlight and other sources of heat, moisture and rain.

In accordance with applicable law and the terms of the distributor: Compliance with the rules for applying the product and presenting the invoice are a prerequisite for submission of future warranty claims. The mounted underlayer should not be left uncovered for longer than the absolutely necessary to complete the roof covering, we recommend placing additional insulation (eg. Polyethylene film) to ensure the protection of the internal spaces against moisture penetration. LEXON Ltd will not be responsible for damages and consequential damages as a result of water penetration through the underlayer during the construction period. All damaged areas should be repaired or replaced before completion.

EN 13859-1, Guidelines for planning and laying the underlay (ÉMSZ 2006) Guidelines for planning and installation (LEXON LTD) Health and safety. Does not require labeling in accordance with the relevant provision (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and Council (REACH).

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